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            My law practice is primarily devoted to family law, matrimonial law, and domestic relations law.  My work in this area of law includes divorce, property division, child custody, visitation and support, drafting pre and post-nuptial agreements, post-divorce motion practice for modifications or enforcement of prior decrees or orders, spousal support/alimony, adult and minor guardianships, parentage and termination of parental rights.  I also serve as a mediator to assist couples in resolving their case without litigation.

            I have specifically chosen to limit my practice exclusively to family law to insure that I provide the finest and most skillful legal service for my clients.  In all cases, my primary objective is to help my clients get though their domestic relations legal problem as efficiently, expeditiously, and inexpensively as possible.  My goal is to assist my clients through one of the most difficult periods in their lives with grace and dignity with the least financial and emotional toll as possible.  I try to resolve all cases by way of settlement and without trial which is extremely expensive.  However, sometimes this simply is not possible.  At all times throughout your case, I endeavor to keep your overall objectives at the forefront of my mind while vigorously pursuing and protecting your legal rights and interests.

            That said, it is also a fact of life that marriage is simply an agreed upon partnership between two autonomous individuals (similar to a business partnership) and as such, one or both partners may at anytime seek to dissolve the partnership if it is no longer serving their best interests.  In some instances, those partners may discover that they have such fundamental differences regarding what a marriage should be that attempting to maintain it is an exercise in futility.  In other cases, their respective views of life may change over time such that maintaining the partnership no longer makes good sense.  There are many reasons a divorce may come about, and of course, change in this personal area of life can be painful.  However, on frequent occasions I have also personally witnessed clients absolutely blossom after a divorce, and therefore, in the long run a divorce can also be a positive life change even though the process of going through it may be difficult.


            If you and/or your spouse are seriously contemplating divorce, or you have some other family law situation that needs to be addressed, but you are unsure of all the potential consequences of your situation, then I strongly suggest that you contact my office and arrange a meeting with me for an initial consultation.  I do charge a fee for an initial consultation.  Just because you choose to meet with me to discuss your legal concerns doesn’t mean you will retain me.  My initial consultations are one hour. Meeting for this first time is necessary for us to fully discuss the facts and nuances of your potential case, and for you to have all of your concerns and questions addressed.  Additionally, the initial consultation should give you knowledge of all your potential options and legal remedies as it applies to your family law situation.  Many people who have consulted with me have left my office reassured and more confident about their position from the knowledge they obtained from me regarding their individual circumstances.  Each domestic relations matter is as unique as the people involved in it, and therefore, each potential family law case requires detailed individual analysis.  Finally, the initial consultation allows each of us to evaluate the other and our compatibility to work together.  It is imperative that you feel totally comfortable with your family law attorney and that I feel comfortable with you.   


            In any domestic relations matter, how long the case will take to resolve, and how much it ultimately will cost, is a function of three things: complexity, acrimony and opposing counsel.  I consistently work hard to understand all the substantive and procedural nuances of domestic relations legal practice, and I diligently attempt to stay abreast of all the changes associated with family law as they develop.  Additionally, I strive to maintain a cordial and respectful working relationship with the Courts and the other attorneys in the local family bar association to insure that your interests are protected long before you even choose to hire me.  While we will work together to manage our end of the litigation in an effective and calm manner, we unfortunately cannot control or modify the behavior of the opposing party or attorney.  A recalcitrant party and/or attorney can increase the costs substantially.  Regardless of who is on the other side of the case, I will always endeavor to resolve your domestic relations matter in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible while still fully protecting your interests and advancing your case in a professional manner.  You should expect nothing less from your attorney.

            I welcome and request my client’s full participation and involvement as their case goes forward.  As a client of mine, you can always expect to be in control of your case and called upon to make the informed substantive decisions regarding any strategies to be employed with my advice and counsel.  I request that the client provided me with a time-line of the matter with goals and important issues to you.  You will receive copies of all correspondence and pleadings received or generated in your case, and I make myself readily available to my clients to answer any questions they may have throughout the pendency of their case.  Lastly, you have my promise that you will always get a prompt return phone call from me (or my assistant if I am unavailable) within 24 hours anytime that you call my office.



            This is the option most typically pursued by parties, especially if there is significant or heated disagreement about the issues in the divorce or separation.  I am an experienced trial attorney with a reputation for being willing to take on the most difficult and vexatious divorce matters, while many other attorneys shy away from such contentious cases.  In these circumstances, litigation can be both time consuming and costly.  However, in such cases where the opposing party and/or their counsel are being unreasonably difficult, you need an attorney who is an experienced and seasoned litigator and who is not afraid of going to court.  Just as you would not want to take a knife to a gunfight, in a heavily contested divorce you do not want to be represented by someone who is not a true trial attorney.

            Despite the fact that most divorces start with litigation, the good news is that more than 90% of the cases settle prior to trial.  Trials, by their very nature are emotionally draining, not to mention expensive.  Our family law Judges are skilled and trained to bring parties to a resolution short of a trial and in most cases are successful. 


            Under the right circumstances, if you and your spouse are amicable and agreeable, you may be able to effectuate a simple divorce with the use of just one attorney through the process of mediation, thereby saving a significant amount of money, time and frustration.  The significant difference between one-party representation (as discussed above) and mediation is that in mediation both parties are clients to the attorney.  Additionally, your divorce can be “co-mediated” with a mental health professional also skilled in mediation who can bring in their expertise to assist the attorney in resolving complex emotional or child related issues should the need arise. 

            As your mediator, I do not act as an advocate, and I give no legal advice to either spouse to the advantage or exclusion of the other.  Whatever is said to one spouse, will be said to the other.  I will however give the parties all the legal information to the extent they need or ask for it, and alert both parties to issues that my years of divorce litigation experience has taught me.

            A lawyer is just one of a number of professionals a mediation participant may consult to help in making a prudent decision.  If information is power, an imbalance of power is often remedied by consultations with other attorneys, accountants, financial planners, mental health professionals, child psychologists or anyone else who might help clarify important issues.  In the mediation session itself, the participants and the mediator review the financial statements item by item for clarification or elaboration to ensure that both parties are fully informed.


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